Here at Dale City we are embracing the Fish Philosophy's four central ideas.


We choose to be here for Every Child, Every Day, Whatever It Takes.


We are Present in the moment with our co-workers and our students. We focus on each other as we meet, teach, and interact throughout the day.


We try to Make Someone’s Day every single day. We present our students and our coworkers with pick-me-ups and surprises to make their day and keep the positivity flowing!




In the spirit of Play and Making Someone’s Day, we have our very own Staff Mascot! Goldeen is presented to the teacher or staff member that has shown the Fish ideals throughout the week.

Every Friday, the previous week’s Fish Keeper awards Goldeen to the person or persons they have noticed exemplifying the Four Ideals during that week. In this way, Goldeen is making her way around the school!


Goldeen’s journey with her various Fish Keepers is being recorded. Check back often to see where she has been and what she has gotten up to!

Please join us and Goldeen in practicing the Fish Ideals Every Day!

Don’t Forget:


We Choose our Attitude

We Play

We Strive to make our Someone’s Day

We Stay Present in the Moment

Goldeen visiting the Solar System
Goldeen with Ferg1