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Welcome to Mrs. Waite's page. Here you will find everything you will need to be successful this year. Please check back often!

March 24th...
Head over to our Google Classroom page, click on the link, and record a Flipgrid video letting me know what you've been up to for the past week. Also, make sure you are using ST Math 3 times a week and getting on Xtra Math daily to keep your math skills up!

Hello 5th grade students and parents. I hope you are all taking care of yourself during this time. In the coming days, I will be adding more links and content here, so please check back each morning by 9am.

Currently, we are working on Unit 9 Geometry. In class, we worked on classifying angles (right, acute, obtuse, and straight) and identifying parts of a circle (circumference, radius, chord, center,  and diameter). Additionally, we discovered that Pi is about 3.14.  To finish the unit, we will classify triangles, and learn about transformation and subdividing.

The rest of the year will go as follows (dates may change based on need):
3/31 - 4/3 ... Patterns, Function, and Algebra
Spring Break
4/14 - 4/21 ... Patterns, Function, and Algebra
4/22 - 5/1 ... Probability
5/4 - 5/13 ... SOL Review 
5/14 ... SOL Testing begins

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at