Welcome to 5th grade Science class! April 20-24, 2020

HELLO EVERYBODY!!!!  I hope you and your family are doing well and that you enjoyed your "Spring Break."  Please excuse the length of this e-mail, but I ask you to read and digest the entire message so that you are aware of how we plan to handle math class.  


THESE ARE STRESSFUL AND UNCERTAIN TIMES FOR US ALL, but we can get through all of this together and still help the kids learn and prepare for the next grade.  That said, do what you can...the last thing we want to do is cause additional stress when some of you may be dealing with significant health, financial, and other personal matters due to the coronavirus.


As we prepare to return to and start Phase 4 of the "Continuity of Learning timeline," I just wanted to reach out and update you on the current plan for science class for the rest of the year.  Here are the key points:

  • Students will need to log in to Microsoft 365 using their school e-mail address (your standard school logonID/username followed by @pwcs-edu.org)  ex.  lastnaFM@pwcs-edu.org.    

    The easiest ways to get to the online meeting are to login, then 1) use the link in the e-mail OR 2) go to your calendar, then click on the event in the calendar. You'll need to join the meeting and it will take you into the virtual meeting room.

  • Monday and Wednesday Independent/Small Group

  • Tuesday and Thursday Virtual Classroom/ Class meeting/Science meeting

  • 9:00-9:30 class meeting

  • 9:30-10:00 Science Virtual Classroom

  • Friday 9-10 office hours

  • I will hold "office hours" on Fridays from 9- 10 am during which students can ask questions.  This session will also be in Microsoft Teams.  Alternately, students can email me  (again, please use school e-mail accounts for all communications) I send out a zoom meeting request on Thursday if you want to attend on Friday. Look for the link. We can chat or answer any questions you may have. 
  • 3rd Marking Period grading closes out on Apr 24.  Students should submit any redos by 3 pm on Thursday, Apr 23 to have it reflected on the report card. I will not assign new graded assignments or projects (this is per PWCS policy.)
  • We do not expect to have any new graded assignments from this point forward nor do we expect to have the pressure of SOLs.  SO WE CAN FOCUS ON LEARNING FOR LEARNING'S SAKE AND ON APPRECIATING SCIENCE while working to master the 5th grade science skills
  • Students can now reset their passwords from outside the network by clicking on Password Self-Service from the Information Technology Department PWCS webpage ( PWCS Password Reset link).   Students will be prompted for their username, student number and date of birth to reset their passwords.


OK, that's it for now.  If you have any questions or need additional information, please email me at beaumokl@pwcs.edu or be sure to ask during the session.  I hope to see you soon.


  As always, our class materials and documents can be accessed through our class website.  Check the files and Documents section for past lessons.  Look for the link "5th grade science” useful links, files and documents, homework, and calendar.


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