Welcome to Fourth Grade! 

We are so happy to have you with us!
You will be participating in Language Arts, Math, Virginia Studies, and Science classes this year. 

Mr. Morgan will be teaching Math.
Mr. Minnis will be teaching Science.
Ms. Merlo will be teaching Virginia Studies.
Your homeroom teacher will be your Language Arts teacher. 

Please contact your specific teacher with any questions or concerns about a class. 

Below you will find links for Canvas.
Parents, please sign up as an observer to Canvas! 

Canvas link for Students:
Click here for Canvas for Students

Canvas Link for Parents: 
Click here for Canvas for Parents

You can also find more helpful links on the "Classroom Links" page! 

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Important Contacts: 
Mrs. Martinez- martincs@pwcs.edu
Ms. Merlo -merlorm@pwcs.edu
Mr. Minnis- minnisam@pwcs.edu 
Mr. Morgan - morganda@pwcs.edu

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