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Want to make sure your 3rd grader understands what they are reading??? 
Look Here for reading strategies! 


Strategies if you don’t know the word:

* Break the word into syllables

* Look for parts of the word you know

* Take off the prefixes and suffixes to find the root word

* What makes sense?

Comprehension strategies:

Fiction questions to ask: 

            Who were the characters? What were their traits, feelings, and      motivations?

            What was the setting? How did the setting change?

            What was the conflict and the resolution?

            Why did the author write this?

            What was the theme of this story?

*Nonfiction questions to ask:

             What is this section mostly about?

             What details support the main idea?

             Why did the author write this?

             What conclusions/inferences can you make after reading the text?