Gifted students are those students who demonstrate high levels of academic accomplishment or show exceptional academic potential beyond their age peers of similar experience or environment. These students need advanced and complex content that is paced and sequenced to respond to their intellectual curiosity, exceptional problem-solving abilities, and rapid acquisition and mastery of information.

The PWCS Gifted Education Program offers pull-out resource services in Kindergarten through 12th grade for students whose learning needs cannot be entirely met in the general education classroom setting.

Gifted students typically have one of more of the following characteristics.


Curious, questioning attitude
Keen observer
Vivid imagination
Learns quickly
Sophisticated sense of humor
Exceptional memory


Sensitive to human issues, fairness, justice
Strong communication skills
Motivated to learn or develop a skill
Quick to learn a second language
Intense interests
Enjoys problem solving


The Gifted Education Identification process is ongoing throughout the school year. A student may be referred at any time by a parent, professional, Divisionwide screening tool, or self-referral. The process begins with the completion of a referral form. These forms are available below.


Gifted Referral Form - English (PDF) (Link to document)


Gifted Referral Form – Spanish (PDF) (Link to document)


Please return your referral form to Ms. Bridget Pine, the gifted education resource teacher at Dale City Elementary School. If you would like a printed copy of the referral form, or if you have any questions about gifted services, or would like more information, please contact Ms. Pine at

More information about the gifted identification process and gifted services can also be found on the PWCS Gifted Education website.